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Top Skater, est un jeu pour ti89 ou le joueur incarne un skater et dois effectuer des flips, rotations ou grinds pour marquer un maximum de points. Vous pouvez télécharger le programme ci-dessus.

Ce jeu a été programmé en 1999 en assembleur 68k. Malheureusement, suite à un incident informatique, j’ai perdu les sources.

Le programme était accompagné d’une “intro” animée:

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Une revue du jeu a été écrite par Doug Kay profile: sur Pas très flatteur mais assez juste :D

Review on Top Skater (2004-11-22) by Doug Kay

Attention span: 3/10 You will delete it in 30 seconds

Controls: 8/10 They are not incredibly responsive

Implementation: 5/10 Needs improvement on everything

Overall: 5/10 Good idea, bad game

Top Skater is a side scrolling skate board game for the TI-89. The game has some potential, but for now it is not that good. By reading the text file that came along with the zip file, it seemed that this game was in its full version. However, if I were to make an objective guess, I would say that it should be in its alpha or beta stages. You see, there is absolutely no point to the game; no point system, no AI players, no goals to reach, etc.

On a scale of 1-10, this game would get about a 3 in graphics. The landscape is completely black and flat, with jumps at equally spaced increments. So that makes the landscape extremely repetitive. The skater himself is a stick figure, and a very small stick figure at that; so there is not much room for detail. There is absolutely no grayscale in this game; it is just black and white.

About the only enjoyable part of this game are the tricks. And even this enjoyment only lasts 30 seconds. The tricks you can do are an ollie, a flip and a 360. All have very poor animation, and about the only way you can tell when you are doing a trick, is when the game tells you in words what trick you are performing at the top of the screen.

The controls are good, they just seem a bit slow. In fact, the game itself seems a little slower than it should be. The side-scrolling is kind of choppy as well.

All in all, this game is a good idea that needs to be worked on a lot. It definitely needs a scoring system and more variation in the landscape. Maybe even AI players as well. Graphics and speed could also use an overhaul. The game’s not really worth downloading now, so I hope the author puts some more time into it.

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