Gears in motion v0.1 released

Gears In Motion is a user interface that allows you to manage easily your Google Gears databases for all your Google Gears projects.

It is distributed under BSD license.

Gears in Motion is written in javascript and uses Google Gears and the YAHOO! UI 2.2.0 library.

It is very easy to use and the functionalities implemented permits you to modify your database as you could do it on a spreadsheet :

  • inline editing : just click in a cell to modify it
  • add dynamically a new row
  • add dynamically a new column
  • right-click an element to display a context menu which allows you to :

    • delete dynamically an element of a table
    • view element details such as linked elements
      You can also display in a table the result of a query you entered or export your database in the sql format to use your data in another database.
  • Try out the demo

  • Download v0.1


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