Google Gears performances issue

I’ve been using Google Gears rather intensively (see Gears In Motion) during the last few months.

I started building an interface that uses all the components of Google Gears (Local Database, Local Server and WorkerPool), and implemented a synchronization engine. The result was a much more responsive offline application with many features that couldn’t have been easily implemented without the local database, and that works great !

Until… one of my coworker tried to import 20.000 records: It took 40 minutes to execute the SQL INSERT statements ! (approx. 120ms/insertion)

We then decided to write this 100 insertions test, which revealed to have surprising results :

  • On MacOS 10.4.11: 2.6ms by insertion (approx. 385 insertions/second)
  • On Windows XP and Vista: 107ms by insertion (approx. 9 insertions/second)
    Please run the test and post your results as a comment indicating your OS/Browser version/Google Gears version.

Any idea why it is so slow on Windows ?


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