WireIt version 0.2.1

I made a few updates this week-end. They mostly concern the Container
and Layer classes.

Here are the changes:

  • new Layer.getWiring function to save the state of the wiring. It
    can be customized by overriding Container.getConfig
  • jsBox updated to use the Layer.getWiring function
  • no default width for containers so they can auto-adjust to the
  • Layer.addContainer and Layer.addWire now returns the created
  • Added the method Container.redrawAllWires and
  • Added Layer.removeAllContainers
  • adds a “body” div to the container
  • CSS updates on Containers and Layers
  • adds a focus CSS class on the last mousedown-ed container in the
  • bugfixes (events “addWire” and “removeWire” added to WireIt.Layer,
    offset in the connections)


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