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inputEx is an open-source javascript form library, built on top of the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library. It is still under development and will be released real soon, under the MIT License.

**Another Form Library ? **

Why would I create another form library, when we already have so many of them ?

I really like the way the YUI Library is built and I wanted a form library to be very close to the YUI philosophy. I believe the YUI library is really missing something: it has a lot of useful widgets, but you have to integrate them yourself within your forms, over and over again…

Have you ever created a web application or website without any input field ?

Unobtrusive ?

No ! I want the opposite. I hate HTML (although I’m still writing HTML every day for 10 years…). With inputEx, you describe your forms using json !

**It’s not all about validation **

Validation has been the main milestone for many form libraries. inputEx aims to tackle other issues, such as:

  • Form creation: each field will include its own configuration form. Thanks to a “type” field, we can then provide a form to create forms !

  • Extendability: form libraries always miss the field you need. A good form library should make it easy to create new fields easily. This pitfall has a unique solution: a good documentation !
    Please be patient ! ;)

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