inputEx coming real soon

inputEx is an open-source javascript form library, built on top of the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library. It is still under development and will be released real soon, under the MIT License.

Another Form Library ?

Why would I create another form library, when we already have so many of them ?

I really like the way the YUI Library is built and I wanted a form library to be very close to the YUI philosophy. I believe the YUI library is really missing something: it has a lot of useful widgets, but you have to integrate them yourself within your forms, over and over again…

Have you ever created a web application or website without any input field ?

Unobtrusive ?

No ! I want the opposite. I hate HTML (although I’m still writing HTML every day for 10 years…). With inputEx, you describe your forms using json !

It’s not all about validation

Validation has been the main milestone for many form libraries. inputEx aims to tackle other issues, such as:

  • Form creation: each field will include its own configuration form. Thanks to a “type” field, we can then provide a form to create forms !

  • Extendability: form libraries always miss the field you need. A good form library should make it easy to create new fields easily. This pitfall has a unique solution: a good documentation !
    Please be patient ! ;)


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