inputEx version 0.1.0 released

It’s finally time !

I just finished the first public version of inputEx. I had this project in my bag since summer 2007.

Visit the website at . Here is a short introduction from the documentation :


inputEx is a javascript library to build fields and forms.
It can also be considered as an interface framework, since it provides a good structure to create you own fields.

It is built on top of the YUI library, and we tried to be as close as possible to the YUI philosophy.

It is of course fully skinable using CSS and currently supports Firefox 1.5+, Safari 2.0+, IE 7.0 and Opera 9+.

A unique field library

With so many form libraries out there, why would we create another one ?

  • HTML fields/forms are very limited

  • no existing good input library for YUI (let me know if I’m wrong !), except YUI widgets

  • it’s not all about validation !
    Here are the features we implemented that makes inputEx unique :

  • json configuration for each field

  • complex data structures (list/objects/tree/list of urls/objects of objects etc…)

  • composition between the fields (for “meta”-fields such as InPlaceEdit,List,Tree,Pair,…)

  • javascript object mapping for greater interactivity

  • a common “updated” event to handle different browsers and different field interactions


InputEx uses no html (it is the opposite of unobtrusive librairies): all the fields and forms are configured using json, then rendered by manipulating the DOM.
It is therefore a library to create javascript web applications, not webpages.

This approach has a great advantage: adding/modifying a field is made in one place only. Combined with
the json configuration that can be stored server-side, it makes customization of your web application very easy.

Help Us

It is very easy to help us improving the library :

  • Extend the library: send your custom fields to the wiki, it might help others !
  • Give your feedback on the forum
  • Report any bug

Other resources

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please visit these websites :

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