WireIt reloaded 0.3.0 !

WireIt is back !

On June 19th, WireIt was removed from distribution for copyright infringements. After discussions with the Yahoo! User Interface and Yahoo! Pipes teams, a project started to provide the wiring widgets as a YUI module. (Note: I don’t work for Yahoo! so it is NOT an official annoucment…)

I’m very happy with this decision and I can’t wait having this integrated into YUI. However, the quality concerns of YUI requires very detailed attention to cross-browser support and YUI integration. It will take some time before it appears on the YUI roadmap.

Meanwhile, I’ve been contacted by many WireIt users, who where anxious about using code with copyright infringements, and about seing no more bugfixes/new features. Therefore, I decided to release this new version that does not contain any coprighted code/assets anymore !

If you use WireIt <= 0.2.1, you MUST upgrade to 0.3.0.

WireIt get sponsored !

Among WireIt users, [Tarpipe](http://tarpipe.com) decided [to sponsor the WireIt library](http://blog.tarpipe.com/2008/10/13/sponsoring-wireit/). I am grateful to them, for helping revive the project.

What’s new in version 0.3.0 ?

  • Removed copyrighted images and code
  • New drawing methods (straight lines and arrows, thanks to Marcin Iwa?ski)
  • CanvasElement class (WireIt.Wire now inherits this class)
  • Scissors class (for the scissors widget)
  • LayerMap-beta (minimap to visualize/naviguate the layer)
  • API Documentation much nicer and usable
  • WireIt.Layer: “clear” and “setWiring” methods
  • Bug fixes (including the much awaited positionning issue)
    I also started an interactive presentation, to demonstrate WireIt features.

Have fun !

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