inputEx 0.2.0 released

inputEx 0.2.0 is finally available for download !

This version of_ the YUI-based json form framework_ brings a great set of fixes and enhancements:

  • 11 new fields
  • 3 new widgets
  • 25 enhancements on previous fields
  • cross-browser enhancements (IE 6 is on the way…)
    I strongly suggest you take a look at the complete changeset, and our new list of examples.

Note: For those who were already using version 0.1.0, we wrote a description of the json API changes between 0.1.0 and 0.2.0.

Finally, I would like to thank:

  • Maxime R. - for his bug fixing !
  • Daniel Barreiro (alias Satyam) - for his help with YUI’s style
  • mingfai - for his work on interactions and validations
  • unomi - for his ideas, bug reports and forum help
  • ClicRDV - for open-sourcing this library
  • And many others - for bug reports
    Have fun !

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