inputEx 0.2.1 released

We were so focused on developping very cool web applications with inputEx, that we delayed this released many times. Here it is !

Beyond the usual bug fixes, we received very cool contributions:

  • MapField: Thanks to David Janes. It can handle MS Virtual Earth, Yahoo! Maps or Google Maps. It returns the latitude/longitude coordinates but also the zoom level.

  • MenuField: Thanks to Maxime Réty. Useful solution using the YUI Menu widget instead of grouping dropdown menus.

  • Italian localization by alexodus. If you speak Spanish or German, it will take only a few minutes to translate and post it on the forum.

  • Json-schema referencing by Brad Clements. (see below)
    Other things in this release :

  • VectorField. I use this one for storing positions or any kind of vectorial information.

  • FileField-beta. It only works if you’re using a POST method to submit the form, but might be useful for you.

  • The inputEx Builder can now export the generated code to a page, and load a form from a inputEx Json definition or a json schema !

  • We also moved the repository to GitHub, although the wiki has not moved yet.
    Click here to view the complete release notes.

Have fun !

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