WireIt 0.4.0 released

The long awaited release of WireIt is finally here ! Awaited indeed, since a major bug was still present in version 0.3.0, preventing it to work on IE. It has been fixed for a long time on the repository but has discouraged many people using WireIt (hopefully not too much…).

What’s new in version 0.4.0 ?

  • inputEx integration: inputEx is another of my YUI libraries, to create fields and forms. Through a new class called “FormContainer”, you can now build WireIt containers using the advanced forms options from inputEx. The value is saved at the layer level for you through Layer.getWiring

  • WiringEditor: This is my favorite feature. While still largely incomplete, the Wiring Editor provide a full-blown interface to create visual languages. It takes care of most of the interface you might want to build a visual editor on top of WireIt. The language definitions are written in JSON, I hope this will greatly reduce the learning curve of WireIt.  The transparent ajax communication with the database is handled through a SMD webservice using YUI-RPC. WireIt provides a simple php backend that stores the JSON wiring states in MySql (used for the demos on wireit’s website).

  • new options:

    • terminals position in containers: {top: , left: , right: , bottom: } instead of [x,y]
    • Terminal.alwaysSrc : force this terminal to be the source element in every connected wires
    • Container.preventSelfWiring : prevent connections between two terminals of this container
  • Four Wire methods for handling mouse events. You can override them for a custom use :

  • API Documentation with YUI Doc (much more precise on properties and events)

  • Layer Map is now clickable and draggable. It will move the linked layer accordingly.

  • IE Bug fix ! (finally)

  • Moved to github for git repository and better wiki

    **Build visual languages applications !**
    It's now pretty easy to build visual languages applications. (or at least, prototype them...).

You can follow some projects on http://github.com/neyric/wireit/network. I’m especially looking forward to LeifW XProc Visual Editor

Here is a little presentation that I published on WireIt’s homepage :

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