WireIt 0.5.0

Hi everyone !

I’m pleased to announce the latest version of WireIt, namely 0.5.0.

This release had 2 major goals:

  • Enhance the WiringEditor
  • Documentation documentation documentation
    The WiringEditor received a lot of attention: by providing a full-page
    editor, people have been able to start prototypes very quickly for
    their projects. However, we needed to improve the way we connect this
    editor to the backend, and that’s what we’ve done, through “adapters”.

I’m even very proud of this idea because… it’s not mine ! Big thanks to this insightful comment from Jonathan Lister and hurray for open-source communities!

Concerning the documentation, although we already had a full API
documentation and many examples, it was still missing some guidelines.
I therefore wrote the WireIt guide: http://javascript.neyric.com/wireit/guide.html

Of course, we also have some minor improvements :


And of course download the library from the home page: http://javascript.neyric.com/wireit/

Have fun !

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