Hi, my name is Eric Abouaf and you are on my blog. Welcome !

I live in Paris, France where I’m lead developer at ClicRDV.

I enjoy writing JavaScript and playing with the DOM to create usable and useful interfaces.

Tools I use

Javascript Projects

I’m also the creator of the following librairies:

  • WireIt: a “wiring” library that uses the CANVAS tag (homepage, posts)

To have the complete list of open-source software I write or participate in, take a look at my GitHub account.

Other things I enjoy

  • Entrepreneurship
  • electronics
  • juggling (video)
  • playing Go (weiqi)
  • playing music


Send me an Email : eric.abouaf AROBASE gmail POINT com

Or find me on social networks :

My LinkedIn profile

My Facebook profile

GitHub projects

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Flickr pictures

on Twitter

One Response to Contact

  1. Philippe says:

    Salut Eric!

    Encore bravo pour le boulot que tu as fait sur webhookit/wireit, et pour ta
    présentation à la cantine (on avait pas mal discuté à la fin).

    J’organise bientôt un barcamp dans les locaux de ma boite, Softeam à côté
    des champs, le 13 avril:
    Si tu es dispo, c’est avec plaisir qu’on pourra continuer nos discussions

    A bientôt,

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